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VINCI BULLION is a fully registered Singapore precious metals dealer ( PS20210002236) regulated by the Ministry of Law, Singapore.
We believe that in today’s modern monetary environment, silver and gold remains the only safe haven asset that is poised for good growth amidst the uncertain investment climate. When compared to the vagaries of the stock market, the volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, silver and gold will emerge as the safe and stable option that is able to help investors safeguard their wealth.
Thus a percentage of assets held in precious metals should be a cornerstone in every wise investor’s portfolio. To this end, here at Vinci Bullion, we offer a wide range of high quality precious metals products at best prices for your purchase. Indeed investing in precious metals can be interesting and fun. We invite you to take some time to browse through our extensive product catalogue and curate your own personal unique collection of silver and gold, coins and bars and precious metals collectibles. Who says stacking silver is boring!
With the rise in precious metals prices, counterfeit and fake products are also on the rise. Customers must always stay vigilant. But rest easy – when you buy from us, you can be assured with our VIP ( Vinci Investment Protection ) guarantee that each and every item sold to you is genuine ( click here for more info ).
Some investors are reluctant to buy physical silver and gold products because of concerns about theft and storage and instead defer to buy unallocated, synthetic, fractionally-backed “paper” derivatives products. Here at Vinci Bullion we are of the philosophy that if you cannot hold it, you don’t own it! So our advice to customers is to only buy physical silver and gold – you can even store your precious metals with us under our Vinci Bullion Storage Plan. We understand that bullion storage cost is a concern, which is why Vinci Bullion offers one of the lowest and most competitive rates in the market ( click here for more info ).
At Vinci Bullion, we are proud to specialise in Sterling Silverware. For generations, silver in the form of silverware ( tableware and flatware ) and jewelry has been used as a store of wealth and also to display wealth. Indeed, it is pro forma for royalty and nobles to serve their distinguished guests using exquisite silver cutlery and tea sets. These sets have been passed down through generations and have held their beauty and value through the years. Our carefully curated fine collection of vintage and antique sterling silverware and jewelry includes pieces that will be a proud and much admired addition to any “silver bug” or investors asset portfolio.
Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about us. We hope to gain your trust and support and look forward to your first purchase with us!
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